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IT-IS MyGo Pro Promotion
IT-IS MyGo Pro Promotion

MyGo series of PCR instrument is IT-IS in 2015 released a new real-time fluorescent quantitative PCR instrument , IT-IS Founded in 2004 , Roche has been committed to the development and manufacture of top-performing real-time PCR instrument . In 2011 launched the first worldwide LightCycler Nano personal type of quantitative PCR instrument so far, there have been nearly 3,000 Nano quantitative real-time PCR instrument throughout the life science laboratories around the world . MyGo series PCR instrument is a new upgrade products, extending the usual noble descent and noble quality, providing better temperature control and optical detection technologies better , highlighting the technological era of personalized lab top quality requirements.  

    MyGo Pro fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument , the new technology concepts, a comprehensive upgrade of product performance.
Product features:

1, Full spectrum detection (510-750), MyGo Pro has 120 detecting channels to choose, can achieve up to 7 heavy fluorescence PCR.

2, Ultra high resolution melting curve (HRM) and amplification curve, it is your experiment assistant

3, Ultra high speed temperature silver module and temperature uniformity is an effective guarantee for your perfect experimental repeatability

4, Super high repetition rate experiment, and provide experimental data for your most reliable

5, Unified consumables, 0.1ml single or 8 ordinary union 32 hole samples at the same time

6, The lifelong free calibration of optical path, may choose to offer up to 5 years warranty

7, Convenient transportation, installation is very simple